Artist To Die For: Max Minghella

Continuing on my quest to shine some sort of a spotlight on lesser known artists, it’s my next installment of Artist To Die For!

For those of you who are not in the know, there’s a new shaker of independent film:  Max Minghella.  The son of late Academy award winning director Anthony Minghella, Max isn’t your typical actor.  Opting to go indie instead of mainstream and attending Columbia University because he simply wants to be more educated, you might not have heard much about Maxyet but that’s all about to change soon.

After appearing in films like Art School Confidential (extremely funny movie) and How To Lose Friends and Alienate People, Max is set to co-star with Rachel Weiz in the new film Agora which is slated for a Decemeber release (just in time for award season) where he plays an Egyptian slave who falls for his master played by Weiz.  “It’s an epic, romantic film that’s different than anything I’ve done before,” he told VMAN recently.  “It’s massive, but it’s unique because it’s also independently made.  We didn’t have any pressure to anybody but ourselves.  It was like making a student film on a larger scale.”

I actually just saw Max in Bee Season, which is this small film starring Richard Gere (he plays his son)  about a family who falls apart after the daughter wins a school spelling bee and goes to Nationals, and he was incredible in it.  I loved how he could be extremely respectful and timid but also full of total angst and rage.  It immediately made me excited to see him in Agora which I hope will give him the attention he completely deserves.  If you ever read any of his interviews, you’ll notice he’s extremely intelligent and not the least bit cynical or fake but really speaks for a genuine love for acting as an art which I respect.  It’s always frustrating, for me at least, that these actors who really could care less about the art of acting and are only doing movies to make their fans happy continue to get attention and press.  I always love it when actors like Max or Paul Dano or Emile Hirsch act because they love it and are unafraid to take risks.  So if you are trying to decide on which movie to rent this weekend, I would definitely recommend one of this kid’s movies.  You can thank me for it later.

Also here’s an interview from YouTube: