Your First Look at James Franco on 30 Rock!

If these pictures give an indications as to what will be going on in James Franco’s episode of 30 Rock, it looks like he might be in love with an anime pillow.
Hey, Ryan Goslin was in love with a sex doll in “Lars and the Real Girl” so anything’s possible!
I’m ridiculously excited to see Tina Fey and James act together, and I’m about 100% that it will be all kinds of awesomery so I’ll be watching.  The episode premieres sometime this month on NBC!  More pictures after the cut!
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Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin Cover Entertainment Weekly

Here’s your first look at Alec Baldwin and the fabulous Meryl Streep on the cover of Entertainment Weekly promoting their new movie “It’s Complicated.”  The film’s about two divorced parents who reunite for their son’s college graduation weekend.  The movie also stars Steve Martin (as Meryl Streep’s boyfriend) and “Weeds” star Hunter Parrish (who I’m guessing will be playing Alec and Meryl’s son?). 

With such an amazing cast, the movie should be one of the funniest of this season and I’m very excited to see all four of them interacting together.  

Come inside for the teaser article from EW, plus one more picture….


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James Franco Will Guest Star on 30 Rock

Continuing on his quest for ultimate coolness, after finishing the much hyped arc on “General Hospital” James Franco will be guest starring on “30 Rock.”

Here’s the details from the source:

NBC declined to comment, but a Rock-solid insider tells me that Franco (playing himself) will be involved in a faux romance with Jane Krakowski’s Jenna — a relationship engineered by their respective agents. Sound familiar? It’s probably because this is the storyline Tina Fey floated by me at the Emmys way back in September.

“[Jenna gets] into a high-profile relationship with a movie star that is arranged by their agents,” Fey explained at the time.

Franco is scheduled to start work on his Rock eppy this week.

Tina Fey and James Franco acting together will be one of the funniest episodes of any show of recent memory.  I’m really excited to see this…