Kim Kardashian Works It Out

Kim Kardashian was spotted heading to the gym this morning with some other (former) E! reality stars,  Brittany and Lisa Gastineau.  Kim looked cute in a pink top and black stretch pants while texting/twittering while the Gastineaus opted for mostly black.

Last night Kim kept up her busy schedule by visitng the OPen Campus Launch Party after attending Michael Jackson’s memorial service.

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The Kardashians Arrive At Michael Jackson’s Memorial

Today Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and their mother Kris attended the Michael Jackson memorial held at the Staples Center in L.A. to pay their respects to the icon.  Kim has spoken before on how the girls knew Michael growing up and even said that she had her birthday party at Neverland once.  After the service was over Kim tweeted about Paris Jackson speaking about her father saying, “Michael’s children were so brave to stand there on stage and speak about their father.  I spoke at my dad’s funeral and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.  I was shaking and crying and what Paris did was sooo sooo brave!”

I really love Kim.  She’s had her fair share of scandals and bad choices, but I think she has a good heart and is using her newfound fame to try to be a role model for girls to love yourself no matter who you are or what you look like.  More pictures after the jump.


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More Pictures Of Kim Kardashian Being Pretty and Patriotic

I’ve found more pictures of the awesome Kim Kardashian celebrating (and posing) for the Fourth of July at the Sierra Mist Beach House…. She pretty much has the perfect body.


Sexy for Sierra Mist

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Kim Kardashian Celebrates the 4th In Bikinis

Kim Kardashian kicked her Fourth of July festivities in Malibu yesterday donning many different bikinis and looking great while doing so.  Kim stood guard by the grill, showed off her patriotism by holding the American flag (ha), and took a ride on the water slide at the Sierra Mist Beach House.   Head over to Popsugar for more glorious pictures…

Kim’s also selling the clothes off her back on eBay to benefit the Dream foundation.  Anyone wanting to bid can go here.

Source: Popsugar

Kim Kardashian Gets Charitable

Kim Kardashian is doing her part to help those in need by giving away some of her clothes on eBay where a portion of the proceeds will go to the Dream Foundation which helps “improve the quality of life for individuals, and their families, at the end of their lives by realizing a final wish.”

Kim spoke about the auction saying, “I love to be able to pass along some of my favorite pieces to someone else who will get to enjoy them as much as I have. I even have many items I never had a chance to where yet.”  Adding, “A few times a year, I bring my outfits, shoes, and accessories to Auction Cause who puts them on eBay for me.”

The auction can be found here.