Wavves Signs Deal With Mountain Dew’s Record Label

In a bit of surprising news, much-hyped indie act Wavves–aka Nathan Williams–has signed with Mountain Dew’s record label Green Label.  The label will release Wavves first single off the new album (due August 3rd) next Wednesday June 9.  The album is already pretty highly anticipated and Williams has already made it clear that he is going for a different sound with this one which should be interesting.  When speaking about his move to Green Label, Williams had this to say:

“First off and foremost it’s a chance to give away free music. ‘’ was written and recorded as a true pop song to me and in doing so I knew that I would want it to be heard on as wide a scale as possible. is helping us to do that.”

It will be interesting to see if this garners any new fans for  Williams and if this helps get his name out there more.  I saw him back in April and he performed  a really solid set which is what got me into Wavves in the first place–nothing like the well documented meltdown last year.  I was impressed, and he’s actually a really nice guy.  Me and some friends hung out backstage after the show and he was very down to earth–although he was also pretty drunk–but if anything I just saw him as a talented guy still coming to grips with touring and all of the attention he’s been getting.  But hey, he and his band gave us free pizza so I have nothing bad to say about the kid.

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