Reason #546 I Love Kelis

Having disappeared from the game for almost four years, Kelis has bounded back as aggressively and ferociously as possible: with a brand new sound.

I’ve always loved Kelis for the simple fact that she speaks her mind, and doesn’t seem like someone you would want to mess with because she would cut you.  Similarly, I’ve always been a fan of Kelis’s work dating back to the Milkshake days (and especially when she released Bossy), but with the release of her latest single “Acapella” (sic) I was completely taken aback by the maturity and classy sexiness she had poured into her latest work.  The sound is decidedly disco meets electro-pop, a huge leap from her previous R&B/occasional alternative albums and it suits her beautifully.  From what I’ve heard, Kelis recorded the entire album of Flesh Tone with her son in my mind and Acapella is her love song to him.

The video is extremely futuristic and creative, and is stirring a lot of buzz for the album that will be released sometime in July (although I will be buying this directly from Amazon UK this week because I honestly can not wait to get my hands on it).  You can see the video in all it’s glory after the jump!


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