Someone two seats down from me in the writing lab is playing graduation music which can only mean one thing: NO, I’m not graduating.  But school IS over for me in a week so after months of making concept based projects (not to brag or anything but my installation was pretty b.a.) and feeling like I was going to die from stress I will be free to fill this blog up with news on celebrities and my thoughts on everything about it.  Thrilling stuff, really.

Please continue to tell your friends, your friend’s friends, and their mom’s (if they’re cool hippie moms) about this site.  And be sure to leave some comments!

ALSO: completely unrelated side note but I wanted to plug it anyway, Memphis residents, check out Black Lodge Video if you are a movie whore like me.  Your life will be complete.  I’ve spent probably, oh a hundred dollars there in the past few months.  They have every movie imaginable and I’ve come across some real gems like “Ken Park”, “Venus in Furs”, “Pink Flamingos” and “Silent Night, Deadly Night.”  I also want to steal the cat that’s always there.  Anyways, go check it out!

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