Robert Pattinson’s Movie Fails and No One Cares: Sexism or Overlook?

Does anyone remember last summer when Robert Pattinson was chased down an NYC street by a pack of fangirls and ran into a car?  Well apparently those girls didn’t love him as much as they acted like because Rob’s movie “Remember Me” (which he as filming at the time) completely bombed last week at the box office.  Coming in at number five, the movie only pulled in 8.1 million ( for proof) and got a slew of bad reviews to go along with it.  And no one called him out on it.

Now while I like Rob, what I’m really angry and shouldn’t be surprised about is that this is yet another example of how a man in Hollywood can have a movie bomb but the second a woman does, every blog in America is five secons away from writing a post asking if their career is over.  Confused?  Come inside for more.

Last September, Megan Fox released her movie “Jennifer’s Body”.  Like “Remember Me”, the movie had a strong marketing campaign that featured the star at the center and also like “Remember Me” a lot rode on whether or not the star could open a movie without a franchise backing him or her.  Surprisingly (for me at least), both tanked at the box office.  For those of you claiming that “Remember Me” did “well” let me remind you that “Jennifer’s Body” raked in the exact same amount opening weekend.

Come Monday, nearly every blog and major media source was predicting the end of Fox’s career and asking what went wrong.  Flash forward to last Monday when the disappointing tallying of Rob’s movie came out and who asked if his career was over?  That sound you hear is no one.  No one asked or even questioned why the movie bombed.   It was as if the media didn’t want to even acknowledge the fact that the guy they have been shoving down our throat for the past six months (I’m looking at you EW and E!) has a limited audience outside of a movie with the name “Twiight” attached to it.

This is of course, not the first time we’ve seen this happened.  If you don’t believe me look at other former teen stars who were raked through the coals when it was seen that they couldn’t open a movie by themselves.  Most were women.  (Case in point: Alicia Silverstone)

It’s true that the blog writers are the ones who control celebrities.  When a band gets hyped or a movie gets tons of promotion, it usually begins on the internet.  So, thanks to the thousands of blogs that absolutely love Robert Pattinson, there will be no career embarrassment.  In five years, no one is going to remember that he even had a movie called “Remember Me”.  For Megan Fox, it’s going to be harder.  If she can’t find a way to prove herself within the next two years, many critics will love to point out that it all started with the disappointment “Jennifer’s Body.”  And while Pattinson’s movie was marketed exactly as you would expect (Rob at the center; mushy plot second), Fox’s movie was a direct victim of bad marketing.  Instead of playing off the comedy angle, 20th Century Fox decided to market it as a horror film with tons of sexual situations including a girl-on-girl kiss.  Sure, half of the problem is that most women in America absolutely despise Megan and sure, she could have kept her mouth shut.  But the biggest problem was  not Megan’s; it was the studio’s. So why did we blame her?

I’m not saying Pattinson should have to go through the same media slaying Fox did, but I think there should be an equal amount of media coverage.  Why can a guy, like Pattinson, escape from the mess of “Remember Me” basically unscathed while Fox is still having to deal with the embarrassment of “Jennifer’s Body”?  Why are writers in the media, especially women, so quick to call it the end of another woman’s career with just one wrong move while they basically ignore the career misstep of a man?  In reality, Fox should be at least somewhat praised for taking on a film as crazy and hard to pin down as “Jennifer’s Body”; Pattinson’s movie was your typical romantic drama that has been produced over a million times (yes, even with the “twist” ending that you can see coming from a mile away).  Instead, like always, a man gets the praise for taking on such an “emotionally devastating” role while a woman is said to get what she deserves for acting like a “slut”.   Sexism in Hollywood never ceases to amaze me.

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