A Jeff Buckley Musical Can Never Happen

jb.jpg picture by crazyb3

While,yes, I am probably one of the biggest Jeff Buckley fans on the planet (that is me you see bidding on out of stock JB postcards on eBay etc) and I will eat up anything and everything having to do with him because he’s been one of my biggest influences, Mary Guibert needs to hold the phone if she thinks creating a “Last Goodbye” musical is a good idea. According to a press release, a Jeff Buckley musical is being created called “Last Goodbye” which will be like a 21st century Rome and Juliet.  Yes, it said that in the release.  I understand Jeff’s mother, Mary Guibert, wants to preserve his memory but a musical, to me, does nothing to help his legacy.  Jeff’s music was never intended to be art or fun dance songs.  They were extremely personal, raw explorations of relationships and emotions (especially in My Sweetheart the Drunk); if you took that and put it into the context of a musical about Romeo and Juliet, it definitely takes away the actual meaning Jeff had when he wrote it.

So you could say I’m venting and on the opposite spectrum that it would get him more attention, but really, shouldn’t the music be able to speak for itself?  Doesn’t there come a time when people should stop exploiting him just for money?  Maybe I’m overreacting but overall, it just seems like a musical would only make his music out to be a joke.  What do you, faithful readers, think of this announcement?

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