Natalie Portman in Elle Magazine

Natalie Portman is the covergirl for ELLE UK this month and she’s looking gorgeous as usual.  In the article Natalie talks about moving to LA, embracing her inner bohemian and becoming vegan along with more serious topics like why she doesn’t like playing Jewish roles or the “girflriend” in a romantic comedy.

I’ve always loved Natalie and the fact that she’s a feminist at heart who enjoys trees, parks, and all around hippy-ness.  I think we could be best friends.

Pictures and a few quotes after the cut!


On playing Jewish characters:

“I’ve always tried to stay away from playing Jews. I get like 20 Holocaust scripts a month, but I hate the genre. That was the first thing to come my way (New York, I Love You) that really intrigued me.”

On rom-com roles:

“It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do comedy. It’s just that I would only get offered girlfriend parts in guy comedies, which aren’t exciting to me, or those offensive roles in romantic comedies where the woman has to have a join fashion so that she can have nice clothes, and her goal is always marriage.”

On her role as a precocious 12-year-old in ‘Leon’ (‘The Professional’):

“There was a lot of controversy about the whole Lolita thing. My parents were super-protective about it, but I got a lot of weird letters. It was really upsetting. I didn’t want to be seen as a sex object, so I went in the opposite direction. I’m definitely not a prude about sex or nudity, I just don’t want to do something that will end up as a screen grab on a porn site.”


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