Ben Whishaw in Wonderland Magazine

It’s rare that Ben actually gets featured in a magazine (which is crazy because he’s so talented), but Wonderland did a beautiful thing and decided to do a great feature on him that was really interesting to read.  While I’m really disappointed that Bright Star is being overlooked at all of the major award ceremonies, I’m really excited to see his next film the Tempest and I’ve heard nothing but great things about his recent play “Cock.” AND HOPEFULLY I’ll be seeing his new play in NYC over spring break!!

A few choice quotes and more pictures after the cut!


“(In the Tempest) Ariel transforms into a harpy, so I was naked, apart from a little jockstrap, and painted black, I was given breasts, these enormous wings.  And I had to recite this speech.  Julie said, ‘Can you do it double time ’cause we’re gonna slow it down.’  So I was flapping about doing this double-speed speech-ifying.  I can understand some people might find that kind of hard stuff, but I love it. I love that feeling of, ‘Come on, we can do anything. We can do anything…'”

“I was re-reading Ode to a Nightingale and it seemed to be a different poem from the one I remember, you know? I think all great work does that–it changes as you change or you change with it, or whatever happens.

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