Brittany Murphy Dies

As I’m sure all of you have heard, actress Brittany Murphy passed away yesterday.  While the circumstances involving her death are vague, there has been a ton of speculation on whether it was drug-related or brought on by an eating disorder.  Whatever it was, this one caught me completely off-guard.  Like Natasha Richardson, Brittany wasn’t even on my radar of celebrities who could die–I wasn’t even this surprised when MJ died. 

Brittany got her break starring alongside Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash in the hit, “Clueless” as transfer-student Tai and went on to star in movies such as “Just Married”, “Girl, Interrupted”, “Spun”, “Uptown Girls” and “Don’t Say A Word.”  She was 32.

As someone who grew up watching “Clueless” (I was nine when I first watched it and am twenty now), this is all very strange.  You never think of someone so young who’s career you’ve watched forever dying.  I wasn’t really a fan, but one of my best friends loves her so I was always pretty conscious of what was going on with her movie-wise.  I hope whereve Brittany is now she’s found peace.  This will also be my last post on the topic, because like Michael Jackson, they’re probabaly about to hang her out to dry and I’d like to at least preserve her dignity on this site. 

Leave your thoughts in the comments, and RIP Brittany 😦


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