Whatever Happend to Anna Nalick? **UPDATED**

Last night I was listening to an old mix CD I had made probably in tenth grade, when Anna Nalick’s song “In My Head” came on.  I wouldn’t say I had completely forgotten about Anna, but I guess I had forgotten about what gorgeous song she writes because I instantly felt sixteen again and like I was hearing the song for the first time again.  Which got me thinking, whatever happened to Anna Nalick?

I got “Wreck of the Day” on a whim over the summer before my sophomore year of high school.  Within weeks it had quickly become one of my favorite CDs and what I deemed to be the soundtrack for my life.  Hardly a day would go by where I wouldn’t listen to it at least once.  And nearly every song had some sort of meaning to it for me.  I felt like “In My Head” said everything I could ever want to say in a song, and that “Breathe (2 AM)” was my journal word-for-word.  A few years ago, I sent her a letter saying how much her music meant to me and how I was such a big fan.  Three months later, I surprisingly got a response.  Anna sent me an autograph and wrote me one of the nicest cards I had ever recieved.  This pretty much only increased the magnificence of “Wreck of the Day” in my mind.

Listening to it again four years later, it still rings true to my life.  Now even more so.  I finally understood what all of her songs are about, and the emotions she was conveying.  It’s interesting that years later, I can still relate to every word on the record and maybe even more so now.  Sure, at fifteen you can feel a few of the emotions that songs like “Wreck of the Day” , “Paper Bag”, or “Satellite” are trying to convey, but you probably won’t fully understand it until you’ve had at least one meltdown and major heartbreak.  I have.

Over the years Anna has attempted to release a second album–in 2008 she released the EP “Shine” which was supposed to be the lead in to her second album.  But months went by and nothing happened.  Now her music MySpace hasn’t been updated or even logged into in a year.  There’s no fan page on Facebook set up by her record label.  There’s no official, verified Twitter where she’s keeping her fans updated.  And her official site or online journal haven’t been updated in a year. It’s as if her record label has completely forgotten that this gem of an artist exists and have turned their attention to other, newer acts.  While other singer-songwriter artists like Jill Sobule, Liz Phair, and Lisa Loeb are finding other ways to release albums (whether self/fan-funded or through an indie label), Anna’s career remains in a standstill.  Or dead, depending on how you look at it. I want to believe that at some point a miracle will occur and she’ll release something, ANYTHING–even if it’s through YouTube, but I’m  beginning to lose hope.  WIth absolutely no word from her label on a release it seems she’s been completely shelved.  I know some fans feel personally betrayed when an artist walks away from their work, but I can’t say that I feel that way.  I just miss the gorgeous and insanely relateable music she used to put out, and it boggles my mind why a record label would shelve someone as talented as her.

But this doesn’t mean that things have to be over for Anna.  In a digital age, nearly anyone–even without a record deal–can release music whether it’s through iTunes or MySpace.  So, Anna, if you Google your name like most celebrities do and come upon this article, please put out some new music and let us know what’s up.  Your fans miss you.

UPADTE: Anna’s been found!!!! After leaving her record label because they wouldn’t release her album “Broken Doll”, Anna started recording music with Taylor Swift’s producer and will be playing a few intimate shows in LA and Nashville beginning in September/late August.  You can check her out on Facebook for the latest: http://www.facebook.com/annanalick

Thanks to everyone who’s been commenting and filling us in on what’s been going on with Anna!  So glad new music is finally on it’s way.  Now all I need is Fiona Apple to finally release a new record so the holy trinity of music (Liz Phair, Anna and Fiona) will all have new albums out in 2010.

Also, here is a new picture of her:

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  1. I was just wondering all the same things…it would be a serious shame for her to never record again…

  2. Anna Nalick has actually been attempting to release her second abum ”Broken Doll” but last year, after a year in a half of trying to release it she just gave up. Some believe that the record was ”scrapped”.

    Recently last febuary (2010) on her twitter it was confirmed that she had left her record company, Epic Records. Now Anna Nalick is married to a photographer and is rumoured to be a full time songwritter now.

    • Really?? Ahh first of all, thank you so much for commenting. II didn’t even know she was on Twitter. I’ll have to go check that out.. It’s disappointing, although not shocking, that they would never release her second record as they didn’t do much to promote Wreck of the Day. And from the bits and pieces I had heard of what Broken Doll was probably going to be, it seemed like it was going to be just as great so it’s sad that she’s left Epic. Maybe she can find an indie label and put out some music through there. Either way, it’s lovely that she’s married and I’m sure she’ll be a successful songwriter–her lyrics are like poetry.

  3. See… I read the same thing, too, that “she is now a full time songwriter.” But look her up ion allmusic.com and there are no records of her writing anything other than what she wrote for “Wreck of the Day”. So, this means she’s either writing but not getting anything cut (recorded) by other artists, or she’s just writing privately, for herself. Or maybe she’s writing instrumentals or jingles or something. That’s always a possibility.

    Anyway, I think we should find Anna. I vote for a Facebook page “Find Anna Nalick” or perhaps even a documentary “In Search of Nalick”.

    She is too good to be hidden from the world.

    And also, I want to write a song with her (OK, I get to be a *little* selfish if I’m going to help hunt her down ;o)

  4. I agree! Anna became my best friend that I didn’t have during the hardest part of my life. If she could only know how much her music helped me, I’d do it all again. Anna, if you’re out there, please let your fans know how you are! I just want to say thanks to her for making me feel not so alone in this world. So, “consider this” comment, “just breathe” and “shine”. 😉

  5. I don’t know if you ever check Anna’s official facebook page or not, but Anna recently re-emerged with a very striking new look(seriously, you won’t recognize her… it’s a very different look, but I kinda’ dig it) and news that she is working on a new album to be released in 2011. Anna left her record label in 2009 over their having scrapped her sophomore album(“Broken Doll”) and is now an independent recording artist. She also has said she plans on uploading some new music to her official website(annanalick.com) as soon as it is up and running.

    Here’s a link to her facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/annanalick?ref=ts

    • Thank you so much!! Just checked it out and I’m so happy she’s finally re-emerging with new music and a few shows.

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