Meryl Stree’s New Movie Gets an R Rating; I’m Still Seeing It!

Because it’s Christmas season, and everyone needs a fun, sassy movie to run off to the theater to see in order to escape their family, Meryl Streep has a new film coming out!

But if you’re under seventeen you might not be able to get in.

Currently, the Nancy Meyers directed film “It’s Complicated”, which also stars Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, has been slapped with an R rating due to “drug content and sexuality.”  But producers are doing their best to appeal the rating because they’re afraid it’s going to dash Oscar chances.

While I do think this movie will be entertaining, let’s not bluff here.  If Meryl gets nominated for anything this year (and she will), it will be “Julie and Julia.”  This movie does look fun, and it definitely seems like it will be a good time (Silas Hunter Parrish from “Weeds” is also in it!!), but I don’t see it winning any Oscars.  It’s more like the producers are terrified that it’s going to bomb at the box office if it doesn’t get the required guaranteed-to-be-successful PG-13 rating.

No matter what the rating is, I’m totally seeing this.  I’ll watch anything with Meryl in it.  And  this is like one of those movies you see with your best friend on a Saturday, then go to Starbucks and get a tall mocha light frap while discussing life and gossiping.  Also, for an added bonus you get to hear Meryl Streep say, “Apparently, I’m a slut!”

Trailer after the jump!



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