Rob Pattinson is on Letterman TONIGHT & Why I’m Starting to Like Him

ATTENTION TWILIGHT FANGIRLS: Your highness will be on the Late Show With David Letterman tonight.

I know I’ve hated on him ever since I started this blog, but I have to admit I’ve grown to like Rob recently.  Sure, he may not be the best actor, but he seems to love his fans and at least knows that Twilight is not Sophie’s Choice like his girlfriend co-star Kristen Stewart believes.  The one thing that does annoy me is the constant sucking up the press does to the psychotic fangirls in order to get hits on their blogs.

I will not be doing this.  I still stand by my statement that “Twilight” is horrible for feminism in general because Bella devotes her entire life to a boy and goes out of her way to put herself in danger so she can “hear his voice”, and that NONE of the actors have yet to prove themselves as “great” actors a la Ben Whishaw or Evan Rachel Wood.   And I still think that Kristen Stewart is ungoldy pretentious and should just shut-up already about how “deep and masochistic” Twilight is, and just accept that IT’S A SERIES ABOUT SPARKLING VAMPIRES.  And yes, I still think the press is ridiculous in their attempt to stay hip and keep readers by praising these actors like they’ve actually done substantial work to prove themselves.  But I have to respect an actor who has not taken a machine gun to his mentally unstable fans who make youtube videos crying about him, and chased him all over New York last summer once running him into a car.  And to an actor who has managed to keep a good sense of humor and modesty about everything.  Sure, he might not be the best actor but I hope that after he gets out of this mess known as Stephanie Meyers Deluded Perception of What  a Good Story Is/What It Means To Be a Woman that he finds some projects that really challenge him.  I don’t see “Remember Me” (hello Lifetime title alert!) doing that, and “Little Ashes” pretty much fell flat with critics.  So please, Robbie, find some good work.  Do something to piss off your minions and stay cool.  I like you, I really do.  And don’t think if I ever see you smoking a joint on your stoop with your angry “IT’S HARD BEING AN ACTOR” girlfriend that I won’t come at you.  But until then, I’ll see “New Moon” and judge the acting and not the embarrassing story and hopefully be surprised.

Anyways, here are some more pictures of Rob leaving Letterman today.  According to Gossip Cops he talks about Kristen and how girls AND guys are obsessed with him.  Once, a fat guy asked him to bite him which he did…and he liked it.  Sounds like a fun interview!


LOL at the frantic guy in the gray trying to get a picture.




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