Rihanna Breaks Her Silence and Says “Eff Love”

Rihanna has finally spoken up about the night Chris Brown beat her to a pulp, and in the five minute teaser clip that was just released this morning, it’s pretty shocking. 
To be honest, I was expecting her to take the Britney approach and not say much of anything other than the default answer like, “I want to be a role model for young girls that you should walk away”, but she went for it in this.  In one of the most hard-hitting parts of the interview, Diane Sawyer says that read that it usually takes girls seven times of being beaten before they can leave.  “Actually,” Rihanna says, correcting her, “It’s eight or nine.” 
Visibily fighting back tears in some parts, Rihanna also speaks about why she’s “ashamed” she fell in love with Chris,  why she decided to finally speak on the assualt (one of the hardest parts to watch), and what advice she would give to girls in an abusive relationship, which is pretty candid: “Don’t react to love.  Eff love.  Come out of the situation, and look at it third person and for what it really is, and then make your decision.  Because love is so blind.”
Sawyer claims Rihanna will describe in great detail what happened that night in the car, and I hope she does.  Chris Brown’s been acting like it’s no big deal and that it was an accident, but just from watching this clip, it clearly wasn’t.   Hopefully this will probably be the nail in the coffin for Chris Brown’s career, but what I find most infuriating about the whole situation is that the people writng the most hateful comments about what she has said are women.  It’s sickening to me that women are hardest on their own gender and let the man get off easy because there’s always an “excuse” as to why this happened.  Why is that women can’t be supportive of each other?  And my big question to those of you who are supporting Chris Brown, what would you do if  the man you loved beat you all the time but you were in the public and didn’t feel comfortable speaking about it?   
Video after the jump.

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