You Wish You Looked This Hot at 43


Here’s Dionne Stacey Dash at  theJimmy Choo for H&M Collection Event. 

This woman never ages. 


How could you do this to me?! And right before yearbook pictures?? What am I going to tell my grandchildren?!!

The Girlfriend Experience Review


I first heard about “The Girlfriend Experience” last summer when I read a review about it.  I was intrigued to find that the movie starred Sasha Grey, an actual porn star, playing a role that wasn’t so far removed from herself.  And even more intriguing was that it was directed by Steven Sodebergh, an acclaimed indie and mainstream director.  This obviously wasn’t “Lesbian Vampires” a la Jenna Jameson. 

I eventually saw the movie in July, and felt bored but slightly impressed with the final result.  That is until I rented it over the weekend and viewed it for a second time.  Continue reading