Stay Crazy, Devendra Banhart!

I heard about Devendra Banhart the way most bloggers do: by reading a celebrity blog, naturally.  Out of curiousity for new music and knowledge that he dated Natalie Portman, I decided to look him up on YouTube and discovered this gem. 

At first, I was completely horrified and a little bit disturbed.  His voice was not at all what I was expecting from such a hippie-looking person and from someone who had such a serene speaking voice.  And then the dramatic hand motions!  It was like he was posessed.  Also was that a cello  or harmonica I heard?!?!  I wrote him off as too strange after seeing it, but then something happened.  A week went by and I couldn’t get the weird video and song off my mind.  It was immediately etched in my mind.  And that’s when I realized, it was obviously a lot better than I was giving it credit for if I was still thinking about it a week later.  And upon a second viewing, I began to love his crazy self.  There really aren’t that many people (especially males) in the music business this…dramatic or odd.  So, please watch the video and get as creeped out or disgusted as I did, or take the second route and love it on first viewing.  Whatever you do, enjoy this work of art.  I’ve become a pretty big Devendra fan and am about to buy quite a few of his albums on Amazon.  But this video…is classic.



  1. I believe the sound you are hearing is called an “oboe”.

    • THANK YOU!!!! omg I was like, “What in god’s name is that?!?” hahahaha. that performance just fascinates me. It could just be him being really pretentious, but whatever I love it lol

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