Lindsay Lohan Is Dropped From Her Record Label, Working for Free, Desperate for a Job

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So basically, this title says it all.  Lindsay Lohan, the once-It girl who had it all, now has nothing and is desperate to find work. 

According to recent reports, LL is working for Ungaro for free, and only getting free clothes out of the deal.  (Which, is interesting because I remember watching this documentary on the amazing design team that is Proenza Schouler and they can’t afford to pay their MODELS so they give them clothes in exchange for their work.  Obviously Ungaro, a more established fashion label than Proenza Schouler, has the money.  So basically, Lindsay is the equivelent of a struggling fashion model.)  But that’s not all, Linds also has had her music relationship with Casablanca records terminated.  Says a source: “Casablanca has suspended all further recording sessions of her album and put their working relationship with her on hold. Lindsay was committed to making music and has been working on it for 16 months. She is going to go what she can to keep her music career going.”

Lindsay is also not speaking to her mother because she feel she’s exploiting her (true story). 

Here’s my thought:  I know everyone on different blogs is saying how sorry they feel for her, but I for one do not feel sorry for this woman (23 makes you a woman, not a girl FYI).  There comes a time when you have to stop blaming your problems on your parents, and put the blame on yourself by taking responsibility for your actions.  Linsday has had SO MANY chances to turn her career around and be a respected actress but she keeps blowing it by partying, not going to rehab, and writing incoherent Twitter rants.  I know addiction is a b-tch and it’s a very hard thing to break, and I don’t fault her for that.  What I do fault her for is not trying to change.  By not admitting to the fact that you have problems, when everyone is telling you you do and not doing anything proactive to change, it makes me lose all sympathy for her.  I’ll feel sympathic  towards her when she’s a clean and sober actress and still can’t find work. 

That said, good luck finding a job as a drug addict, sweetie!

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