Lindsay Lohan Might Be Headed To Jail Tomorrow

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been blogging in the past few days it’s because there has been NOTHING worth blogging about.  No epic movies have been released,  no one has died, no one has shown up to an interview wearing dead Kermits, and no one has gone to jail.  Hollywood has been the most boring town ever this past week, and as a result the most exciting post you would have gotten would’ve been a “Kim Kardashian is walking” post.

SO THANK GOD LINDSAY LOHAN MIGHT BE CHANGING THAT.  According to TMZ, Linds has been summoned by the judge from her 2007 DUI/drug possession case to appear in court tomorrow to do a little check up on whether she’s been keeping off the bottle.

OBVIOUSLY, she hasn’t and if it is brought out that she has indeed violated her parole, homegirl will get her butt sent to jail.

So please, come inside and read all the juicy details…

TMZ has learned the judge in Lindsay Lohan’s DUI case is so concerned about the famous defendant, she’s ordered her to appear personally tomorrow for her progress report.

Sources tell TMZ the judge has received information from the people who run the alcohol education program that triggered concern.

Typically in a misdemeanor case like this the defendant would not have to appear. Not so with Lindsay.

We’ll be there tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


Update: Lindsay’s Allegedly Flunking Alcohol Ed

Sources tell TMZ the alcohol education course which Lindsay Lohan is taking as part of her probation not only contacted the court about Lindsay’s conduct … we’re told they may have already told the court she is outright violating the terms of the program.

As we first told you, the judge in Lindsay’s DUI case has ordered her to appear for the progress report. Lindsay pled no contest to DUI in 2007.

If the judge determines Lindsay violated the terms of the program, her probation can be revoked and Lindsay could end up in jail.


Personally I doubt Lindsay is going to actually get shipped off to jail due to a thing in LA courts called “special treatment for celebrities.”  But if this does turn in Paris Hilton in Jail Part Deux, then I will be all over that hot mess tomorrow.  And for the record I DO hope she gets sent to jail.  Girl needs  a wake-up call and a harsh dose of reality hell.


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