James Franco is Heading to “General Hospital”… What?

A lot has been said lately about James Franco joining the cast of “General Hospital” for a multi-episode ark, mostly the three letters: WTF.  But personally, I think it’s brilliant.  So come inside on why this is such a great move.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly and countless other news outlets, James Franco recently reached out to GH to do a few episodes that will begin airing November 20.  If it backfires this could certainly slash his credibility as an actor (you don’t see Cate Blanchett rushing to do the “Young and the Restless”), BUT it could also show James does whatever he wants and doesn’t take himself too seriously.  It was reported that James wanted to work on the show to do research for a film where he’ll be playing a doctor, and he also wants to get a feeling for what a long and crazy work day would be.

I spent about five minutes after reading the news thinking it had to be a joke, and then I thought, “That’s actually kind of brilliant.”  If nothing else, it shows he’s willing to take risks and march to the beat of his own drum and to go the extra mile for whatever movie he’s doing.  And in a land full of pretentious actors who have absolutely no skill to back themselves up on, he’s completely giving the middle finger to what’s conventional in Hollywood and showing he he’s comfortable enough with himself as an actor to do a genre that many consider a joke.  Sure, he could have taken “Grey’s Anatomy” or any other hospital drama that’s on the air right now, but he chose a soap for a reason.  This is the same person who made Funny or Die “Acting with James Franco” and fake-graduation speech videos.  I doubt he’s doing this to show us his chops.  Personally I find it fascinating that James chose to go this route and isn’t proclaiming his work to be art.  He’s doing whatever the eff he wants, but is doing it for a reason.

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