Dave Franco Has a New Movie Out, and It’s More Fun Than It Should Be


In the event you haven’t heard, Dave Franco has a new movie out called “The Shortcut” and it’s way more fun than it should be.  The horror movie centers around Derek, who moves to a new town after his little brother gets into a fight with another kid at school (we find out later though SPOILER ALERT that things were a lot more gruesome than we were lead to believe).  Derek has no problem making friends like Mark (Dave Franco) and Mark’s girlfriend, but he soon finds out about the town’s local Boo Radley when his little brother wanders into some woods inhabited by a crazy old man and is severely beaten.  After finding out another student’s dog has gone missing, he and his friends decide to go find out what’s really going on in the woods which leads to… Well, I’m sure you can guess what it leads to.

I ended up watching it the other night, and while it has a pretty weak opening, the script is predictable, and some of the acting is horrid (hello, grandmother!), it gets increasingly bizarre and twisted as the film goes on.  Plus at least two of the death scenes are pretty gnarly.  For a PG-13 horror film at least.  And because it’s so insanely weird, it kind of creeps you out for a few minutes. Also the fact that the film doesn’t take itself too seriously and focuses a bit on atmosphere makes up for it’s lack of substance. For you Dave fans, he actually is the best part of the movie: he gets the best laughs, and has the most charisma of anyone in the cast.  While I can definitely understand why this was released straight to DVD and is by no means great, it’s definitely a fun B-horror in the vein of those 70s grindhouse films to watch and occassionally make fun of on a night when you have nothing better to do and want to be entertained.

Unfortunately this movie is way hard to find so your best bet would be to buy it off Amazon.  Enjoy!!!

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