SNL Lets the F-Bomb Slip

So, last night I was half-way watching “Saturday Night Live” (reason being because I thought it was an awful episode) and I thought I heard newcomer Jenny Slate slip the f-word in a sketch called “Biker Chick Talk” but didn’t think much of it.

Well, this morning it turned out I was right, and a nice media crapstorm has developed over SNL for letting it happen.  What I find most ironic about this whole thing is that Megan Fox, the queen of everything that is outrageous, wasn’t the one to do it (and she was even in the sketch), but the newcomer.  Currently there’s talk of whether or not Slate will be fired for this and we’ll probably know by tomorrow if she is, but in the meantime you can watch the glorious moment below!

Dave Franco Has a New Movie Out, and It’s More Fun Than It Should Be

In the event you haven’t heard, Dave Franco has a new movie out called “The Shortcut” and it’s way more fun than it should be.  The horror movie centers around Derek, who moves to a new town after his little brother gets into a fight with another kid at school (we find out later though SPOILER ALERT that things were a lot more gruesome than we were lead to believe).  Derek has no problem making friends like Mark (Dave Franco) and Mark’s girlfriend, but he soon finds out about the town’s local Boo Radley when his little brother wanders into some woods inhabited by a crazy old man and is severely beaten.  After finding out another student’s dog has gone missing, he and his friends decide to go find out what’s really going on in the woods which leads to… Well, I’m sure you can guess what it leads to.

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