Mariah Carey Continuse To Channel….Mariah Carey & Dedicates Album to MJ

Mariah Carey never fails to entertain me.  One minute she’s acting like a complete diva, the next she seeems like the sweetest, most genuine person ever.

But currently, I’m loving that she’s so obsessed with herself that she has to  remind us all the time about her most iconic looks (a la the recreation of the Butterfly photo shoot).  Case in point: these two pictures–the last one taken from a recent night out.

Anyways, in other Mariah news, she will be dedicating her newest album “Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel” to Michael Jackson.  Also, Elle magazine will be featured in Mariah’s CD as well (from the source): “’Angel’ comes with a mini magazine tucked into the CD jacket, produced by Elle and featuring ads for Carey’s new fragrance and movie (”Precious”) as well as Mariah’s lists of favorite things and interviews with her and husband Nick Cannon. It’s a first, but what else do you expect from Mariah Carey?”




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