Parents Vote David Beckham & Cheryl Cole as Best Role Models… Um, What?

Today a poll was released by the Children’s Society that said over half (55 percent to be exact) of parents considered David Beckham to a “good, or very good role model” while only 18% said he was not a good one.  Coming in second was Cheryl Cole who won with 40% of the vote for being a good role model (27%  said she was a bad one).  The poll was conducted between over 2,000 adults who said “only one in seven children” still look up to their father.  Many of the children, it was revealed, felt the same way about their mothers.  A statement released by the Children’s Society said:

“This poll reflects our concerns that many children are living without positive role models. If children are not looking up to adults this is not the children’s fault. Both parents and society at large have a responsibility to enact a change of heart in our society and actually live by the values that they espouse and be strong and positive role models, providing continuity and support to a child or young person’s life. At the moment this seems more aspiration than reality. Adults have a collective responsibility to make childhood better for all children.”

I really don’t know what to think about these results.  Cheryl Cole??  Didn’t she assault a nightclub worker?!  Plus, it’s not like Girls Aloud is the virtue of modesty. And David Beckham cheated on his wife.  Granted these were a few years ago, and I do think David is a really good father but… I’m not really sure I would want my kids looking up to these two. I really have no idea what else they’ve done that should be considered worthy of “role model” status besides being in the public eye and being beautiful.

So all I can say is: Children, please look to people who have accomplished something more than a hit record or winning a championship.  Have a valid reason for who you like!  I would vote Meryl Streep as a great role model for girls (and guys!) for the reason that she’s been married over thirty years, has raised a beautiful family of four that seem to all be very close, and in interviews she always comes across as very intelligent and powerful.  Plus, she’s showing at sixty a woman can be anyone they want to be.  It’s such a great message that she’s sending to women of any age, that just because you’re not flaunting your body and sexuality you can be taken seriously and given respect by men. As for the guys, why not James Franco?  He went back to college at thirty because he felt like he wasn’t happy and wanted to learn more, and after graduating. wound up pursuing a master’s degree in creative writing while also taking the most hours any student has ever had (sixty) at Columbia.  On top of the fact that he still acts (that’s usually a 12-14 hour day), he maintains all A’s in his classes and has been very honest and candid about his troubles as a teen and young adult actor, but says now he rarely even drinks and never smokes pot.  I would love for my kids to want to be like them.  But what about you TMB-ers?  Agree or disagree with the results of this poll?  And if you don’t agree with it, who would you want your child looking up to?  Because obviously, in a celebrity obsessed society we are going to have children looking up to movie stars, atheletes, and musicians whether we like it or not.


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