My Cool Find of the Day

untitled-1.jpg picture by crazyb3

If you’ve been reading my blog lately you know I love Uh Huh Her’s music and I’m a huge Leisha Haley fan who’s one half of the group.  So it was really, really random and exciting when I stumbled upon this CD by the Murmurs the other day in my room.  I had gotten it at one of my favorite record stores, Grimeys, two or three years ago in the used section because I had remembered the Murmurs had a song called “Smash” that I used to love.   It was a pretty good CD, but I ended up forgetting about it shortly after sadly.  Cut to this spring when my friend got me into Uh Huh Her and I found out one of the singers is Leisha who was also in one of my favorite movies “All Over Me” and I become a huge fan.  And that’s when I realized Leisha also happened to be in the Murmurs a few years ago.  Sooo you can imagine my excitement when I realized I had gotten an autographed CD of hers for like $7 without even knowing it.  Pretty cool, eh? I have no idea who Jem is but thanks for giving up your CD because it’s one of my new favorites!

Anyways for those of you who have never listened to Uh Huh Her or have no idea who Leisha Haley is you must must MUST Google her and find out.   As for Uh Huh Her, you can listen to a few of their songs after the jump!


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