Gossip Girl Review & Recap

Welcome back, GG fans!

It’s been a long, hot summer without the fabulousness of Gossip Girl and it’s finally back!  Come inside for a review and recap of last night’s episode.

Let’s just start off with the most exciting news of the night: Chuck and Blair are still together!  I’ll admit, I was this close to throwing a hissy fit when I noticed Chuck was already picking up another girl and that the producers more than likely went back to their idiotic ways of ruining anything that could possibly be good on this show until I found out that Blair and Chuck are role playing.  What is this you might ask?  Well C & B  pick an unsuspecting girl for Chuck to seduce, and Blair walks in on them right before they kiss and proceeds to blows a fuse.  Blair’s freak out on the first poor girl Chuck seduced had to be one of the best moment of the night, and their psychotic need to be thrilled and push the limits fits them so well.  Serena and Nate put a stop to this though when they get inside their heads by saying they could be taking this too far and one of them (Blair) may not be enjoying it as much as the other.  Of course that didn’t stop them from role playing waiter and customer at the end of the episode.

Moving on to Serena, who I see still hasn’t been hit by a bus or shipped off to Europe for college with hopes of her never returning, who has had quite a wild summer in Europe all for the purpose of getting daddy’s attention.  I’m sorry, but could the writer’s not think of a storyline any more lame?!  Serena is about to be a freshman in college; she’s not a ten year old in a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie, desperate to make her father notice her.  It doesn’t help that Blake isn’t that great of an actress so anytime she’s on screen it’s like nails graiting against a chalkboard.  And on that note, what was up with Rufus suddenly trying to act like Serena’s father??  And Dan, the show’s “conscinious”, helping him in this?? They really need to find better storylines for the adults that isn’t like a rehash of 90210 or the OC.

Speaking of Dan, it seems he’s been bitten by the rich bug that bit Little J in season one.  Now he’s riding around in limos and using mock-designer wallets (oh the horror, Vanessa!) while also wearing a few thousand dollar suits.  Of course, Vanessa being the materialistic girl she is, is not impressed by this and believes he’s changing.  Vanessa’s also hanging out with/possibly dating Dan’s half-brother who is only using her to get closer to Rufus (his father).  Catch all of that?

The one character we can always count on to never change though, is Nate who is now romancing the family’s enemy Bre Buckley (very Romeo and Juliet-esque) and is also overjoyed that he can use her to piss of his grandfather when he brings her to a polo match.  I really like this storyline and while, yes, it’s been done a thousand times before I’m glad the writers are finally giving Chace something to do other than stand around and look pretty.  He can certainly act better than some people on this show *cough, cough*, so I’ve never understood why he’s kept getting the worst plotlines.

Unfortunately, Little J wasn’t seen in this episode as much beyond hanging out with her soon to be brother Eric ALL THE TIME.  I’m pretty sure Jenny has other friends, so why not bring them in?  Also what was up with Vanessa and Jenny’s ratty hair extensions??  Jenny’s didn’t look that bad in pictures (they actually looked quite good) but on screen they looked so stringy, and Vanessa’s looked like she had full on DREADLOCKS in some scenes.

Anyway, the drama finally comes to a head at the polo match after Serena tells Dan that Carter (played by the always great Sebastian Stan) is stalking her.  This makes for one of the best confrontation scenes of the night between Blair and Carter (more of that please!) where we find out that Carter isn’t stalking her–they actually hooked up over the summer and he’s the only one who knows about Daddy blowing her off.  So it’s only logical then that Serena would hijack a horse with Carter following her and ride into the woods where they would have sex.  As illogical as this sounds, it came across really well and I like having S and C as a couple.  It’s better than the “Please someone murder these two sickeningly sweet retards” Dan and Serena.

 At the same time all of this is going on, Bre tells Nate that she doesn’t want any more drama in her family so whatever he’s using her for is not going to work.  Nate, though, says he wants to be with her and they can keep things on the DL if it will make her happy.  I’m not sure whether I believe Nate or not–I want to believe he really does like her, but you never know.  Anyway, Nate’s grandfather soon finds out about them and let’s just say he does some double crossing that proves he’s pretty hardcore.  And because of this, I’m sure Bre and Nate’s relationship will be shot to hell by the third episode. 

The episode ends with Chuck and Blair quitting their cat and mouse “scorned woman” game when Chuck tells her he wants to do whatever will make her happy because “I’m not Chuck Bass without you.”  I give them five episodes before Chuck cheats on her.

So, what did you guys think of the premiere?  All in all, I thought it was pretty good.  A little underwhelming at times but obviously that was needed to set up future plotlines and explain what (or in some cases who) everyone had done over the summer.  My grade: B-.


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