Lindsay Lohan Loses Her %$#& And Goes Crazy On Samantha Ronson via Twitter

This morning while most of us were sleeping or getting ready for work, Lindsay Lohan decided to annihilate Samantha Ronson on Twitter with this gem:

Anyone who would like to translate is free too.  I don’t speak crazy drugged-out lesbianise.  BUT here’s what I think she’s saying: “Samantha, can you please make an attempt to not ruin ANYTHING that is going good in my life??  I think I finally deserve a night to cry myself to sleep thanks to your cheats and errors.  And also thank you for being my friend before a sell-out… But the term self-out was coined from ME and I gave your friends sooooo much insight because they were not complete, but substanisan SUBSTANTIAL friends that were using you.  BUT THEN YOU LIED and told your family that your friends are worth more to you than I am, and then you called me gross.  Thanks.”

I have no clue what the eff she’s talking about what “self-out” but anyone else who knows what she’s talking about is welcome to translate in the comments.  This is some Courtney Love crap.


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  1. LMAO!!! i love twitter wars haha i tried to read it from the top down…my IQ just lowered

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