The Top 10 Girl Crushes

For the record, I didn’t write this–if I did, it wouldn’t be a girl-crush, it would just be a crush.  But I really admire and look up to alot of the women on this list and it was a fun read, so let Liz Phair invite you inside for the top ten girl-crushes chosen by the Houston Press. 

He Said She Said: Our Top Ten Girl-Crushes

By Katharine Shilcutt in Lists
Friday, Sep. 4 2009 @ 7:30AM

lizphair exile.jpg

Ask any musician: there is something basically and viscerally masculine about the industry itself, and that masculinity can seep into the most feminine of rocker chicks and indie music queens. That swagger, that attitude, that confidence coupled with soft hair, a pair of soft lips and a softly lilting voice can make any girl fall in love with their favorite female musician. It’s called a girl crush, and it’s all good.

​Similar to its kissing cousin, the man-crush, a girl crush isn’t so much an admission of homosexuality as it is an avid interest in a member of the same sex. You admire them, you look up to them, you covet their trendy clothes and perfectly manicured locks and maybe — just maybe — you wanna make out with them a little bit. Just once. Okay, maybe twice.
Below are the girls of music — punk, rock, indie or otherwise — that make us want to go to bat for the other team. Batter up!
1. Liz Phair: Her 1993 album Exile in Guyville changed the lives of any girl who picked it up, particularly this pre-pubescent girl who innocently picked up the CD at her local music store. The frank yet funny lyrics encouraged the exploration of every girl’s burgeoning sexuality in a way that no female singer yet had ever come close to. Plus, she’s probably amazing in bed.
2. Ingrid Michaelson: This auburn-haired singer-songwriter has the face and voice of an angel. This similarity is only enhanced by her sweet and delicate songs, seeming to drift out of the piano like hymns. Sure, the make-out session would probably be somewhat timid and end in the two of us discussing our favorite Lisa Frank binders as kids, but that’s a lot more than can be said for most hetero make-out sessions.

lita ford lita.jpg

​3. Lita Ford: Back in the day, Lita Ford’s lithe body had more swagger than Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury combined. The blonde bombshell was the epitome of stage presence when she fronted the all-girl rock band The Runaways, and all at the tender age of 16. Fast-forward her a few years and the woman was hotter than the surface of the sun.

4. Brody Dalle: Although Brody Dalle (a.k.a. Brody Armstrong) of punk-rock outfit The Distillers seems to have a rough edge or two — okay, or 80 — it’s precisely that broken-down, angry, dark vibe that makes her nearly irresistable. Her doe eyes and huge pouty lips don’t hurt, nor do her multiple piercings and tattoos.

shakira shewolf.jpg

​5. Shakira: The Columbian goddess is almost a given on any list of beautiful rock stars. But we’ve chosen Shakira for reasons other than her enviable hair, her voluptuous curves, and her shimmy-shimmy-shake: she has a reported IQ of 140. And there’s nothing hotter than a chick who’s smarter than you are.
6. Jenny Lewis: Okay, so perhaps we have a thing for indie-rock girls with red hair. Admit it: you do, too! Besides, there’s a lot more to Jenny Lewis than meets the eye. This girl survived child stardom in one piece, without resorting to drugs and with a dangerous sense of humor. Her clever lyrics reflect that wit and energy, whether with Rilo Kiley or on her own, and her bangs are always perfect. Oh, Jenny.
7. Neko Case: Fair enough. You’ve got us. We are madly in love with titian-tressed indie chicks. We can’t help it. But let’s be honest: Neko Case gorgeous, she’s a talented songwriter (either on her own or with The New Pornographers) and — like Jenny Lewis — she’s wickedly funny. Not to mention she looks great naked. Rawr.

joanjett sinner.jpg

​8. Joan Jett: The original hard-living, hard-rocking bad ass, who also got her start in The Runaways alongside Lita Ford, Joan Jett is, was and will always be amazingly gorgeous and only seems to get better with age. We should hate her for this, but she’s too pretty to hate. Plus, she’d probably slap us if we called her “pretty,” which is really fucking hot.
9. Ann Wilson: Now, granted, time (and the 1980s, in particular) hasn’t been kind to Ann Wilson. And today it’s very easy to argue that Nancy Wilson is the better-looking of the sisters. But when Heart first formed in the 1970s and Nancy was a gawky-looking tomboy, Ann Wilson with her dark hair and stunning vocals was handily the most beautiful thing to grace any stage at the time. Her voice has stood the test of time and still sends shivers up our spine to this day.
10. Lisa Loeb: What girl didn’t fall instantly in love with Lisa Loeb in the mid-90s when “Stay” rocketed up the charts and made us all feel like she’d written the song just for us? Between her pixie face, little girl voice and geek-chic glasses (before geek was chic, naturally), both men and women fell hard for the singer. Even now, Loeb is still adorably geeky and ridiculously hot. And she’s got an ass that just won’t quit. Girl can stay at our place any time she wants.

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