First Look At Lady Gaga In V Magazine

Exclusive: Lady Gaga’s September V Covers and a Sneak Peek at Her Fashion Spread!

Photo: Mario Testino for V

The September issue of V hits newsstands tomorrow and Lady Gaga is gracing the cover looking like Dontatella Versace.   I will admit, even though she looks very orange, the bright colors and brilliant pink and orange color contrasts make for a very striking cover.  There will actually be two versions of this issue though, both with two different colored Marc Jacobs sunglasses on Gaga.  The spread was shot by photographer Mario Testino and as V editor-in-chief Stephen Gan explains, he invisioned a New Wave-theme for the shoot.  “When the Marc Jacobs pink hooded coat and glasses came down the runway, I knew there was only one person I wanted to see in it: Lady Gaga,” editor-in-chief Stephen Gan explains. “Growing up as a kid obsessed with new wave, I would cut up paper sunglasses and put them onto celebs’ faces on magazine covers. These plastic peel-on and peel-off glasses come in pink and blue and are actually based on the Marc Jacobs ones that came down the runway!” Yes, you read that correctly–you can actually peal off Gaga’s sunglasses and wear them yourself!

Props to Gan for coming up with such an ingenious idea.  They should do more creative stuff like this for magazines.  It makes them more fun and collectible. You can take a look at one more of Gaga’s photos inside, but be warned she’s naked (duh) and there’s some bush…



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