Official Madonna Track Listing for “Celebration”

Madonna’s going to be releasing her second greatest hits album in almost ten years and the track-listing/DVD info has finally been released!

First of all, let me say that this collection is going to be MASSIVE so for any Madonna fan–old or new–this is going to be a must have.  I think I almost died a little reading what songs and videos will be included, plus what some of the bonus features will be.  The only thing that would make me happier is if somehow she included copies of “Body of Evidence”, “Who’s That Girl?” and “Evita” with it.  Super fan fun-pack edition maybe?!?!  Secondly, I love her nod to 90s Madonna/Warhol’s “Marilyn Diptych” for the cover.  And thirdly, please God let her tour for this.

Anyways ALL of the tracklisting is under the cut.  Prepare to fanboy/girl yourself out.   I have to start saving.

Madonna Celebration CD Official Track Listing:
CD 1:
01) Hung Up
02) Music
03) Vogue
04) 4 Minutes
05) Holiday
06) Everybody
07) Like A Virgin
08) Into The Groove
09) Like A Prayer
10) Ray Of Light
11) Sorry
12) Express Yourself
13) Open Your Heart
14) Borderline
15) Secret
16) Erotica
17) Justify My Love
18) Revolver

CD 2:
01) Dress You Up
02) Material Girl
03) La Isla Bonita
04) Papa Don’t Preach
05) Lucky Star
06) Burning Up
07) Crazy For You
08) Who’s That Girl
09) Frozen
10) Miles Away
11) Take A Bow
12) Live To Tell
13) Beautiful Stranger
14) Hollywood
15) Die Another Day
16) Don’t Tell Me
17) Cherish
18) Celebration

Madonna Celebration DVD Track Listing:

01) Burning Up
02) Lucky Star
03) Borderline
04) Like A Virgin
05) Material Girl
06) Crazy For You
07) Into The Groove
08) Live To Tell
09) Paper Don’t Preach
10) True Blue
11) Open Your Heart
12) La Isla Bonita
13) Who’s That Girl
14) Like A Prayer
15) Express Yourself
16) Cherish
17) Vogue
18) Justify My Love
19) Erotica
20) Deeper and Deeper
21) Rain
22) I’ll Remember
23) Secret
24) Take A Bow
25) Bedtime Story
26) Human Nature
27) I Want You
28) You’ll See
29) Frozen
30) Ray Of Light
31) The Power Of Good-Bye
32) Beautiful Stranger
33) American Pie
34) Music
35) Don’t Tell Me
36) What It Feels Like For A Girl
37) Die Another Day
38) Hollywood
39) Love Profusion
40) Hung Up
41) Sorry
42) Get Together
43) Jump
44) 4 Minutes
45) Give It 2 Me
46) Miles Away
47) Celebration

Amongst the new stuff: A collaboration with Lil Wayne (”Revolver”), the already-leaked title song, unedited and never before seen footage of “Justify My Love,” and previously unreleased videos, including “Into The Groove” and “Give It 2 Me,” as well as the new video for “Celebration.”



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