Who the Eff Is Xavier Samuel?!?!

I’ve been seeing this kid everywhere and I’ve heard he’s in the new Twilight movie “Eclipse”  but can anyone fill me in on who he is and why suddenly he’s beeen EVERYWHERE on my gossip sites??  Do we even know if he can act?

I seriously thought he was Rob Pattinson the first time I saw him.  (Which I guess is the point) 

Anyways, Xavier and his co-star Ashley Greene were spotted leaving their hotel together on August 22 in Vancouver where apparently they’re filming this new “Twilight” movie.

Ashley needs to be careful.  She was just seen making out with Chace Crawford and now she’s been seen leaving some hotel with Xavier… Girrl.

More pictures after the jump!



  1. Maybe they’re there to replace Rob and Kristen, since they look like them, only much prettier on both accounts. lolz

    • HAHAHAHAHA!!! Best comment ever! I seriously thought it was Rob when I saw him and then I was like, “Wait he’s way more attractive and less homeless looking than Rob” ahahahaha. I can just feel it, when “Eclipse” comes out he’s going to be everywhere.

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