Zac Efron About To Get Invovled In Drugs, Sex, and PR

Zac Efron Sued For Car Crash!

It was only a matter of time before he cracked for the more mature roles.

Zac Efron might FINALLY be signing on to do a gritty movie that involes drug, sex, and rock and roll public relations.  To read more about this sure to be R-rated movie, just click away.


 Zac is apparently interested in doing a movie adaptation of the book “Spin” which was just released this past week which is being deemed a straight guys’ tale of The Devil Wears Prada.  According to E! Online, Zac would play the role of Taylor, who is supposedly straight, working for one of the most intimidating publicists in New York City.  Taylor soon finds himself getting caught up in a twisted web of drugs, sex, lies in order to keep his job and his sanity.  And in one of the more scandalous scenes, Zac’s character finds himself in the bathroom trying to seal a busines deal with a guy who is definitely not straight.

I really hope Zac takes this.  He needs a movie that will have him doing bad things to remind everyone he has an insane amount of talent that doesn’t just involve singing and dancing.

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