Beyonce Proves Why She’s a Fierce, Independent Woman

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Beyonce has always been the girl who will eff you up if you mess with her because quite frankly, girl doesn’t play.  But beyond that, Bee’s kept up her awesomeness by always talking about the importance of girls making their own money and loving themselves before they get into a relationship.

So it should come as no surprise that she gets quite candid and inspirational in her latest interveiw with Brown Sista about why she keeps her marriage private and why girls seem to lose themselves in relationships.

Inteview after the jump!


You and Jay-Z never speak about your relationship…
B – I don’t talk about my relationship with anyone. I feel like it’s important to keep certain things private.

Will it be ruined if you talk about it?
B – No, I just choose not to talk about anything too personal. I won’t talk about the kind of cars I drive or how much money I make. You wouldn’t tell a person that you don’t know those kind of things and I’m not going to tell the world.

Do you think its hard to find true love?
B – Yeah, I think so. But for some people its not so hard, and when it happens its something that you don’t try to force. It just seems to happen and you don’t really expect it.

Did you worry people wouldn’t want to date you because you’re famous?
B – Maybe some people, but I wasn’t scared of that because I feel that I have way more to offer than just being famous. I think that once people meet me and get to know me, you forget that I’m famous.

Is it easier being with someone who’s also famous?
B – Sometimes its easier and sometimes its harder – it depends on the person. When you’re dating someone who’s not famous, people aren’t that interested in your relationship, which is a good thing.

Do you thinks its important for a man to please a woman, as well as the other way around?
B – Yeah, definitely. I think its natural for women to sacrifice themselves in a relationship, but when you do that too much, you lose yourself. Before you know it, you don’t even know what you like anymore. You have to remember that you can depend on yourself, and go with your instincts. You don’t have to lose everything just to please the other person because its just as important that you’re happy. But sometimes we get so into pleasing the guy we don’t think, ‘are we really happy?’

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