Raven-Symone Jumps On the Shaved Head Bandwagon

Add actress Raven-Symone to the growing list of girls shaving their heads, or parts of their head, in Hollywood to look “edgy.”  It’s not edgy anymore though because nearly every black singer has done it recently (Ciara, Rihanna, Solange–although she was the only one who had the balls to take it all off). 

Last year, at the beginning of my freshmen year in college a few girls shaved their heads and they totally looked like the Manson girls reincarnated.  That was edgy…and kind of scary.  But this.  This is so 2008.  She’s one year late.

Picture under the cut!

Thank God she didn’t take it all off.  That would just not have looked right on her.  As you can see, she shaved a little less than half of it.  I’m sure the rest will come off though in the next few weeks….


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  1. ohhhh ya’ll wrong for dat, ya’ll haters what if ya’ll hair fell off ? huh , u wouldnt like dat now would you???

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