Meryl Streep and Her Daughters Attend “Taking Woodstock” Premiere

Mamie Gummer Meryl Streep and Grace Gummer
Looking like the picture of elegance and sophistication, Meryl Streep and her daughters Grace and Mamie Gummer hit the premiere of “Taking Woodstock” which Mamie has a co-starring role in.
Mamie spoke briefly to reporters about the historic festival saying, “Woodstock was something that I always assigned to my parents’ generation so I always thought of it as kind of elderly.  Until I did this movie, I didn’t realize that the people who organized it were my age. It’s weird to think your parents were your age once too.”  Mamie added that her mom skipped out on the festival though because “she’s not fond of rain.”  Somehow that just seems so Meryl…
It’s a big time for both Mamie and Meryl with Meryl’s latest summer movie, “Julie & Julia” opening Friday, and if the movie is a hit like predicted, it will pretty much solidify Meryl’s role as a summer box office queen.  Mamie’s “Taking Woodstock” which is directed by Ang Lee will be opening in limited release throughout August.

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