Artist To Die For: Uh Huh Her

In my latest installment of Artist To Die For, I’m shifting the focus to music. So for those of you who are fans of indie pop, listen up.

I have to admit before I any go further in this post though that I LOVE LESBIAN BANDS AND SINGERS.  I’m obsessed, litearlly.  It’s sad. I’ll listen to any girl who’s singing about falling in love with another girl just because.  I love Melissa Etheridge, Tegan and Sara, Indigo Girls, The Gossip…anyone of that nature.   They have some of the best, rawest music and their lyrics are insanely good.  So you can imagine my giddiness when my friend in admissions (where I do my work-study for a cool $8 an hour–suck it, minimum wage!) introduced me to a band who identifies as lesbians.  Oh, but they are sooo much more than just that.

Take the glamour of Peaches’ synths and electro-glitter pop beats, the emotional rawness of Tegan and Sara’s lyrics, and the  vulnerability of A Fine Frenzy and you have Uh Huh Her.

Named after P.J. Harvey’s album, the group is made up of Camila Grey and Leisha Hailey–who some of you may recognize from Showtime’s “The L Word” or one of the best movies ever made “All Over Me.”   The girls came together to release an EP titled “I See Red” and have been playing beautiful music ever since.  What has resulted is a sound that is like cotton candy (if it had a noise) and is extremely addictive.

You can check out a few of their songs including “Explode” and “Say So” below and their debut album “Common Reaction” is in stores now.


Say So:


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