Carney Wraps Up Revenge Is Sweeter Than You Ever Were Tour


Zane Carney posted these photos on Twitter of a recent show Carney did opening for the Veronicas.  The guys play their last show tonight for the “Revenge Is Sweeter Than You Ever Were” tour and Zane recently Tweeted how it has been the best tour ever.

They’re coming back to my town in August for a headlining show and I could not be more excited.  I have about a million friends coming (I whored them out like you wouldn’t believe) and I’ll probably have no voice by the end of the night but I’m so excited to see their epic-ness again live. 

I was also lucky enough to pick up their EP “Nothing Without You” the other day–it was the last one the store had–and it was, of course, amazing.  So I decided to share with you guys my new favorite song, “Nothing Without You” (which has also been called “I Will Be Your Lover”–personally I like that name better, it sounds seductive).  The song is pretty original in it’s sound and the guitar licks will get stuck in your head. Plus Reeve’s vocals are nothing short of brilliant.

Pictures and video of the song can be found below.

Ignore the crappy quality of the video and get lost in the music:

annnd pictures:










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