Carney Wraps Up Revenge Is Sweeter Than You Ever Were Tour


Zane Carney posted these photos on Twitter of a recent show Carney did opening for the Veronicas.  The guys play their last show tonight for the “Revenge Is Sweeter Than You Ever Were” tour and Zane recently Tweeted how it has been the best tour ever.

They’re coming back to my town in August for a headlining show and I could not be more excited.  I have about a million friends coming (I whored them out like you wouldn’t believe) and I’ll probably have no voice by the end of the night but I’m so excited to see their epic-ness again live. 

I was also lucky enough to pick up their EP “Nothing Without You” the other day–it was the last one the store had–and it was, of course, amazing.  So I decided to share with you guys my new favorite song, “Nothing Without You” (which has also been called “I Will Be Your Lover”–personally I like that name better, it sounds seductive).  The song is pretty original in it’s sound and the guitar licks will get stuck in your head. Plus Reeve’s vocals are nothing short of brilliant.

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Jessica Lowndes: Bardot Babe

“90210” star Jessica Lowndes looked hot and sleek  in black while slipping into the Hollywood club Bardot last night.

The second season of the hit CW show is set to air starting September 8 and there will be plenty of new drama as a new guy will be entering the show making  Jessica’s character, Adrianna, have some issues with her boyfirend Navid due to his jealousy.  “90210” got off to a rather rocky start but seemed to pull itself together nicely by the end of the first season with Jessica getting praise from critics as the reason the show has become so believable and touching. 

More pictures of Jess out at Bardot below.


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Taylor Swift Brings The Country Thunder

Taylor Swift brought her tour to the 17the Annual Country Thunder music festival in Wisconsin on Thursday night, July 16.

Taylor has alot to look forward to in the next few months including MTV’s Video Music Awards where she’ll be performing. 

“I’m so excited that MTV and the VMAs have invited me to perform, because I think this year’s show will be unlike anything they’ve ever done!” she said.

Taylor already has big ideas for a memorable performance saying, “I love incorporating theatrics into my performances, and the VMAs have always allowed artists to run with that,” she said. “MTV has been so good to me. And I could not be more excited about this year’s VMAs.”

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New Picture Of Bella And Jacob From New Moon

This new still of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner from the film “New Moon” has just been released and seems to be making it’s way through the net.

Am I the only one who feels like Kristen Stewart makes the same face in EVERY picture and scene that she’s in that requires her to show lust love?

“Labor Pains” Reviews Are Not Good For Lindsay Lohan

Here’s something not overly shocking: the reviews for “Labor Pains” are in and they’re not pretty.  The movie, which premieres Sunday on ABC Family, centers around a woman who fakes her own pregnancy to not get fired at her job as a secretary.  I will so be watching this hot mess Sunday night! 
Review from the New York Times after the jump.
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Kim Kardashian Poses In Her Bikini And Loses Her Passport

For whatever reason, Kim Kardashian did another bikin photo shoot to show off her bangin body.  I really have no idea where it’s from or it’s purpose, but whatever.  Kim Kardashain bikini pictures for all!

In other news, Kim recently lost her passport while in Africa doing charity work.  Kim blogged about the experience saying, “Reggie, his mother Denise, Khloe and I were coming from Botswana after a day of diamond mining to Johannesberg, South Africa and I left my passport on the plane!  The staff claimed they looked but I had a feeling they didn’t! They called the embassy and they said I would have had to sleep at the hotel airport!”  Lucky for Kim, Reggie found it for her ensuring he would get laid later that night. “Reggie begged to go check himself and he found it!!! He saved the day!”

As for the charity work itself, Kim also wrote about what a great experience it was to visit a school for disable children saying, “We met some really amazing children and Reggie brought them all footballs and taught them how to play football. This facility is called the Motswedi Rehabilitation Centre and it helps rehabilitate children and care for children as they are getting ready to pass away. The looks on these beautiful childrens’ faces as Reggie was playing football with them was unexplainable. It was so touching. Reggie and Adidas donated a new rehab facility for the children to use!”

Lots more bikini pictures after the jump.


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Shocking Pictures Of Mischa Barton The Day Before Her Meltodown

If you guys would ever like a prime reason as to why you should never take pictures then please look at these shocking and sad picturse of Mischa Barton the day before she had her meltdown and landed in the psych ward.

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