Mischa Barton Suffers Meltodown, Lands In Psych Ward

So last night, news broke that Mischa Barton had been taken to the hospital in a police car after suffering complications from oral surgery (ie she had had her wisdom teeth taken out)… Of course, that didn’t exactly add up–why would you go to the hospital in a police car, voluntarily, to escape the papparrazi as her publicist claimed.

Well, the reason is because Mischa apparently suffered an extreme meltdown and has now been placed under involuntary psychiatric hold (also known as code 5150).  While details of the reason behind this can be released to the public due to HIPAA laws, Barton can be held in the psychiatric ward for up to 72 hours.  According to the code, patients can be put into the psych ward involuntarily if they are seen as a danger to themself or others (ie sucidal or homicidal) or seem to be suffering from an extreme mental illness.

While her publicist did say Barton would not be attending the premiere of her new film “Homecoming” tonight in New York City, no other details were released.

I used to have a huge crush on Mischa when I was like 13 and the OC was first on.  Then I kind of grew out of it because Marissa died and she turned into this wild party girl, but seriously, where is Ryan when you need him??!? 

Memories of happier times:



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