Brooke Hogan Wants You To Call Her!

If you’ve ever wanted to call a VHI reality star, now’s your chance!

In an effort to promote her album, Brooke Hogan is letting fans call her on her cell phone for thirty minutes Sunday night after Brooke Knows Best is on. Okay, so it’s not THE QUEEN Tiffany “New York” Pollard doing this, but still.

I know you guys are so excited!

Here’s the video:


1 Comment

  1. Hi Brooke, I love your show. I know this is hard for you and your mom. Do you think if you talk to her. She would think twice about Charlie. I think you mom loves you so much. She’s going through alot right now. She’s reaching that Mentapause age, Some woman are looking for there youth again. I think Charlie is taking advantage of that. Maybe if she had you by herside. She would start thinking right again. I know this is hard for you. All our love for you kid. I know this whold divorce hurts you so bad. Sometimes the kids have to turn to the mom and mom turns into the kids.

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