Dita Von Teese Gets Beautiful

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese was spotted leaving a West Hollywood nail salon Wednesday looking absolutely gorgeous.  (Really, she is one of the loveliest women in Hollywood.)  Wearing a white tank, with floral print dress and green heels, Dita made her way to her car amidst the paparazzi.

Dita happens to be dating a new guy, French actor and aristocrat, Count Louie-Marie Castelabajac and was seen carrying a gold Eiffel Tower charm on with her keys. 

More pictures after the cut….

That’s so sweet!!

Source: http://www.celebrity-gossip.net/celebrities/hollywood/dita-von-teese-gets-prettied-up-215452/


  1. really…does she even need to get beautiful? she’s more than gorgeous…though she’s getting older, look at her skin and at her ankles…

    • I’ve noticed that! She looks so young in the face but if you look at her hands you can see her age. But she’s so lovely!

  2. yeah 🙂 she certainly is 🙂 the hairstyle fits her face very well and I love her dress 8->

  3. As much as I think DVT is absolutely gorgeous – I gasped and took a closer look…I believe she’s not wearing a bra! Sorry Dita but you’re always so well put together. And I have to say this isn’t one of her best looks…the dress would have looked better with slinkier heels…just saying – still think she’s lovely!

    • Thanks for the comment!! I love your username btw 🙂

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