Raven Symone GIVES BIRTH??!?!


According to ONTD:

Rumors have been flying around about Raven Symone recently giving birth to her child, well it’s TRUE. I was sent the first pics ever seen of Ravens baby via a representative on her staff. Raven gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Lilianna Pearman in an Atlanta Hospital. The father of Lilianna is Jussie Smollet (Jurnee Smollets older brother) Jussie (pics below) and Raven aren’t together but are two proud parents.


Cute baby who is said child:



UPDATE: According to a statement released to People by Raven’s rep, Raven doesn’t have a kid, saying “Raven isn’t pregnant nor does she have a child.” Apparently she’s performing at Six Flags tonight. What do you guys think? Damage control or is she telling the truth? It all did seem pretty crazy.



    Raven looks rather witchy in the picture, lol.

  2. ohemmgee! really !
    was she even married?

    • wow, but thta baby doesnt look as if its hers, and everyone was all hyped about it but ts probably not her, if it is, best of luck raven…

      • lol

  3. Aww what a cute little Angel 🙂 I’d fire whoever took that picture though. Unless the rep had permission to do so

    ❤ Shelbie M Moore
    -Visit my blog at http://www.ShelbieMMoore.wordpress.com

  4. omg that’s so Raven!

    • lol, love that 😉

  5. Why do you care if someone you’ve never met gave birth?

  6. WOW! I didn’t even know that and I am in the Media!
    I will definitely try and find out more though.By the way, “DIFFERENCES” airs live each Sunday from
    5-7 pm cst and streams via the worldwide web at http://www.wvol1470.com.

  7. I don’t think its true, she has no reason to lie about it. So why would her rep say she was not pregnant and she does not have a baby, if its true they will be sorry they lied, hopefully its the truth.

  8. i don’t know why raven have’s to be so sheltered about her life like that, if she could just give out little bit of info to her fans we will be totally happy about the babe…

  9. that was never in the media at all. i really feel like this is fake gossip and that it is NOT true. she is only 20 something. thats not that old.

  10. Haha, doesn’t seem legit at all. I’d believe it if, say, the picture wasn’t of a white baby. Or if the picture was of her holding the baby…maybe in hospital attire. Also, it would’ve been all over the tabloids for months if Raven really was pregnant.

  11. awww the baby is soo cute congradulations raven wat did u name her?

  12. i love babies i mean who doesnt a freak well congradulations

  13. who with? r u even married? anyway good job

  14. the baby is white not light skinned definitely not hers lol!

  15. puh-leeze…that could be ANYBODY’s kid.

  16. Cute baby, but I don’t think the news is true.

  17. Clearly not true, but nice try. Next time get a baby that looks more like her 🙂

  18. ok,dont believe it…



  19. has she been pregnant for the past 6 years?

  20. OMG that is crazy WOW no wander her shows got cancelled!!!!!

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    xrkcx loves you!

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