Megan Fox Leaves London And Makes Out With Amanda Seyfried

Megan Fox was photographed leaving London’s Heathrow International Airport earlier today–geez is everyone in London this week?!?

The Transformers hottie looked cute and comfortable in sweats, a cardigan, and a Fedora hat while walking to the flight’s gate.

In other Megan news, the trailer for her new movie “Jennifer’s Body”, which was penned by Juno writer Diablo Cody, has leaked online a few days ahead of when it was supposed to debut before Bruno.

In the movie, Megan plays a psychotic cheerleader who seduces boys and girls…. and then eats them.  Word is Megan appears nude a few times in the film and makes out with Amanda Seyfried on a bed, topless.

It looks so awesome that I think I’ve forgotten how to speak.

Pictures and REDBAND trailer after the jump!

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Lady Gaga Leaves A Madonna Concert In A Thong

Lady Gaga was seen arriving at her hotel in London, England last night after attending a Madonna concert pantsless as usual.

What WAS different though was the fact that girl was wearing a thong.  That’s pretty aggressive.

I really can’t decide–desperate attention seeking famewhore or present day Warholian artist?  Thoughts?

More pictures after the jump along with tour dates for her upcoming tour with Kanye West that were just leaked.  I’m seeing her in December!





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Harry Potter Photocall!

Press has started for the new Harry Potter movie, The Half Blood Prince, and the cast gathered together in London, England for the premiere. 

Emma Watson is pretty much perfection. 

Anyways, more pictures after the jump… There are ALOT.

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Australian Tabloid Claims Rob and Kristen Are Pregnant

Take this with a LARGE grain of salt, but an Australian tabloid is claiming that Rob Pattinson got Kriten Stewart pregnant and now she’s terrified about what to do.  Story after the jump!

PS I love the caption for Britney.  At least they wrote it like she’d say it.

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Leighton Meester Releases A New Song!

Her majesty, Leighton Meester, has released (or leaked?) yet another song called “Body Control” and omg it’s so hot.
You can listen to it below.

There’s also rumors going around that Leighton did a demo of Gaga’s “Superstar” and it’s also leaked. That sexiness will be posted tomorrow if it turns out to be true. But for now, enjoy “Body Control”!!