Lindsay Works Harder Than Your Parents


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Oh Lindsay.  This is why I love you so much.

In recent interview, Linds did some bragging about what a hard worker she is and how she is such a workaholic.  (I’m sorry, but what was the last movie you did?)  Here’s an excert:

“It’s not that hard to be me, but I do work harder than most of my friends’ parents.  I am the hardest-working person I know. I’m a workaholic. I don’t know what to do when I’m not working. I get creatively frustrated.”

Linday elaborated some more saying, “I prefer to be making films.  For most people — and for me, too — there’s something about going to the movies.  It’s about being able to transform into different people and tell different stories. You can go to the movies if you’re depressed, and you can walk out later laughing. The fact that going into a theater for two hours can do that is an amazing feeling.  To be the person who’s on that screen, who can make someone feel better, or bring out more emotion in someone, makes me feel really blessed that I’m able to do that. It’s just about finding the right roles, but when the time is right, they will come.”

I’m not trying to start any drama but maybe we should get Jane Fonda to verify this quote?  I know they had a GREAT relationship working together on Georgia Rule.  But whatever. Lindsay’s a star.  And here are some birthday party pictrues!!!!  Linds turns 23 Friday!  Click click click to see more!

mmm, cake.



  1. Haha, oh Lindsay, I work harder than you when I put pants on.

    Which she should try one day.

    I thought she looked horrid at her bday.

    Especially in that photo, I just stared at it and was like *blank*

  2. umm wow okay very interesting outfits

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