Lindsay Wants A Second Chance

The thought of Lindsay Lohan on a reality TV show, gracing my TV with her greatness weekly!, just fills my young heart with joy.  I was already devastated when I found out she refused to appear on Living Lohan. 

So luckily, Ryan Seacrest and Linds have teamed up to change that.  “Umm, waht?” you might be asking yourself.  Don’t worry, it’s for a good cause.  This is not “Keeping Up With The Lohans,” yall!  The show will focus on contestants competing  for a second chance in life and recieving $1 million. in the process  Linds is rumored to be a judge.  Both Ryan and Lindsay confirmed via Twitter (because that’s how everyone confimrs things now of course!) about the project the other day with Lindsay wirting, “Working on a really great project for television — I am excited! Something meaningful like (reality TV show) Extreme Home Makeover on ABC… :)”

Second chances are something Lindsay knows alot about and hopefully she’ll get a few more to prove that she is still the amazing actress  we all knew she was in “Mean Girls” because frankly, I’m getting tired of watching “Georgia Rule” and “I Know Who Killed Me” all the time. 


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