Rob Pattinson Fans Lose Their %!*# Over People’s Hottest Bachelor Results


Apparently not evveryone loves Robert Pattinson.

Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford has  been named People’s Hottest Bachelor!  While I’m super excited that the Gossip Girl cast has been getting more attention lately (minus Leighton’s sex tape…), the Twilight fangirls, who recently ran Rob into a taxi while trying to escape them, are having a little harder time dealing with this. Case in point: over at EW’s Popawtch blog, irate fans took to the comments section to leash out some pretty amusing comments.  My three personal favorites come from Mimi, Sissy, and Kamilla  (yes those are their real names):

Sissy writes:

Robert is # 1 in any poll where the word HOT or SEXY, or BEAUTIFUL or DESIRABLE is written down. Sure, they don’t recognize Rob is #1 but his picture is in the cover regardless…YEAH RIGHT…Hey people magazine ( You should change your name now that we know that REAL PEOPLE would not have voted this kid as the hottest bachelor) Are you aware that with Chace alone the magazine would not sell???? well….YOU WERE RIGHT I AM NOT buying THIS OUT of REALITY DELUSIONAL “MAGAZINE“!! ROB DESERVES A CLASSIER COVER… VANITITY FAIR ANYONE???

Mimi’s post is even more entertaining, and she unfortunately makes the mistake of stating she’s twelve:

who the hell is chance crawford. okay im 12 and even im smarter than this. my mom saw this and even she freaked out! in what universe is chance hotter than rob. im not buying this issue. this is a stupid joke. who r they trying 2 kid here!!!!
ROB PATTINSON WILL ALWAYS B THE HOTTEST GUY EVER!!!!!! me and my friends r all freaking out right now. this is major bullshit!

And then we have Kamilla who believes that every young actor in Hollywood is trying to emulate Rob:

Look at the pictures:Chase is trying to copy Rob- a bit scruffy and relaxed, artfully messed up hair…By the way, did you see Zac Efron on the cover of GQ last month? – he was posing like Rob… It is funny, they all are trying to get noticed as much as he did lately. Well, Rob did not look for fame and he is not roaming around displaying his best looks daily. He could careless about his looks, he is an artist and an actor first, and for all his fans he is a great humble person too. Who cares about the looks – he is soooo much more than that! And when he is dressed and groomed for the occasion = he is above all!!!!

I just love seeing Rob Pattinson fans FREAKING THE EFF OUT over him being number ten on the list.  It really makes my day. And it’s about time Chace started getting some attention after being overlooked so much last season.  This issue of People is on newstands now!

Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly’s Popwatch.


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