Inspiring Site of the Week: hitRECord

 I’m all about inspiration.  I look for it everywhere–magazines, movies, music etc So it’s great that someone like actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt decided to make a site like hitRECord.  Started before a day when anyone could post a video on youtube, Joe writes:

 “When I started this site, nearly four years ago now, it was just somewhere to put up a few little videos I’d made.  This was before anyone knew about YouTube, you see.   Now hitRECord has become a bit of a battle cry for me, and a source for much of the inspirations that swirl around my center.  Again by heart.”

Browse through the site and you’ll see Levitt genuinely means everything he says.  It’s not only a great place to find artsy short films by him and other users, but also a way to find some beautiful photography and drawings like the ones found here and here

Anyone can sign up and upload their own pictures and videos.  There’s also a forum for users to talk to each other and a comments section for all of the art posted.  So if you’re looking for something a little more creative than the typical YouTube fair, I would definitely suggest everyone check out


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