TMB Loves Lindsay Lohan!!!

Lindsay Lohan

You know, lately, it seems Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been getting credit where it’s been due.  I mean the girl has been through so many traumatic experiences even before she’s reached the age of 25–lesbianism, being accused of stealing millions of dollars worth of jewels (hello Elle magazine!), sleazy ex-boyfriends, crazed parents, drugs, alcohlolism, thinking she’s Marilyn Monroe 90% of the time–okay so actually, she’s still going through most of this. But still. This is CADY EFFIN HERON. Show some respect, people.

But sadly. Lindsay seems to have hit another roadblock on her way to Serious Actress: her fiery relationship with Samantha Ronson has died again. Or at least for this week.   The word is, Sam was once again getting fed up with Lindsay’s  insanity immaturity and after pressure from family and friends, including Sam’s BFF Nicole Richie who reportedly can’t stand to even be in the same room as Lindsay, Sam dumped her over a nasty texty.

So classy.

So here at TMB I thought it might be a great idea to create an appreciation post for Lindsay and all of the wonderful things she does! WE LOVE YOU LINDSAY!!

Oh and don’t feel bad for LiLo. She still has that sure to be award winning made for TV movie coming out in July on ABC Family!!!

PS–if you would like to follow Lindsay on Twitter, like me, and get all of her craziness 24/7 then add her at


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