Evan Rachel Wood is the top celeb under 25!


You’re going to have to bear with me because I freakin love Evan Rachel Wood.  I would marry her if that was at all possible.  Even during the Manson days I was one of her biggest fans.  So with all of the success she’s had recently due to the Wrestler, I couldn’t be happier for her.

And I’m glad that Venus Zine agrees with me.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the magazine anywhere so if anyone knows where it is sold, leave a tip in the comments.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

On what her parents thought of her getting into acting: My parents were so worried if I wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer or something like, “What are we going do??”

On gaining her reputation for taking riskier roles: I would always get frustrated when I would see films about young girls because I could never relate to them and I thought they were just completely fake.  I started saying, “Why am I waiting for somebody to make it? Why don’t I just go out and do it instead of complaining about it?”

On what makes her relax: “I forget how important it is to laugh until I haven’t done it in so long and then something happens and I laugh until I can’t breathe, and it’s just the greatest feeling in the world.  I get to relax and let go.

How she feels about bloggers attacking her: It’s so easy for people to be cruel, just cruel, now.  Because they can write something and never show their face.  They can criticize you all they want, but it’s not like they’re going to put a face behind it.  It’s like throwing a rock at someone’s window and then running away.  We’re already down, we don’t need you to bring us any lower.  We put enough on ourselves, we don’t need you to remind us.

Check out more pictures from the magazine right here:




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  1. She is so fabulous! I love that girl!

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