Zac Efron’s Hair Hurts Me


He’s back!

And holy crap what has happened to Zac Efrin’s hair?!  Did he have a little too much fun with the gel this afternoon or something??

I remember seeing an episode of the Ellen DeGeneres show once where Ellen told Zac, after threatening to shave off all his hair, that Vanessa said she liked his hair slicked back. And ever since then all we’ve seen is his hair slicked back.  So he’s obviously only doing this to please her.

Anyway, Zac’s in Australia to promote his new movie 17 Again which hits theaters this April and I think it looks surprisingly good. I’m actually a really big Zac Efron fan and apparently am one of the very few that actually believes he will succeed later on in his career.

But seriously Zac, don’t put so much gel in your hair.  It just gives people more of a reason to call you Ken.

And if you are one of the very few who hasn’t seen the trailer for 17 Again, you can watch it here:


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  1. i love that chandler from friends is in this

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